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Homemade chocolate

servings: 30
preparation time: 20
baking time: -
difficulty: easy



Amazing! Delicious! Memories! Childhood! I’m so happy I decided to make it. The recipe is from @cantboilanegg with some spontaneous changes. I couldn’t find milk powder in the supermarket, so I used formula for kids older than 2 years 😅 I was afraid it will have a strange taste, but guess what… it doesn’t! It’s so delicious also even if I reduced the sugar to 175g /portion (I made 2 portions as I had 500g formula).

Nutrition Information

per 100g
439 kcal
44.5 g
15.4 g
21.2 g


In a larger bowl mix the milk powder with the cocoa.

Put the butter, sugar and water in a saucepan and simmer the mixture until the sugar melts. Stir continuously!

Pour the sugar syrup over the cocoa and milk powder. Stir vigorously.

Add toasted nuts and hazelnuts and incorporate with a spatula.

Pour the chocolate into a tray (17×22cm) and level the chocolate with a spatula!

You can sprinkle a few more nuts and hazelnuts on top.

Refrigerate the chocolate for at least two hours!

Cut the chocolate slices with a sharp knife and serve!

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